Puppy 4

Meet the playful Puppy 4. He will take any opportunity to play with his siblings and is always getting in trouble for distracting them. He thinks the training is fun and games and is eagerly waiting to start each session. He is goofy and sometimes can be easily distracted himself as he likes to wander off and explore. He is very curious and his adventurous side in amusing to watch. Puppy 4 should have a name that is playful and fun.


ColourTan and Black
Identifying MarksBlack paws
Birth OrderFourth

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$4,750 of $12,500 raised

The newest members to join the Soldiers For Wildlife team need your help. The four adorable Belgian Malinois puppies look all soft and cuddly now, but these dogs will soon go through months of extensive training with Dogs 4 Wildlife to prepare them as elite counter-poaching weapons. These dogs are game changers in the counter-poaching sector, as they are able to track poachers much faster than the human eye and make it possible to track at high speeds even under the cover of darkness when most of the poaching incidents occur. Training a counter-poaching dog does not come cheap, with costs for training, veterinary bills, food costs, housing and shipment adding up to well over $12,500USD per dog.

This is where you can help. Your donation will be providing the funds for everyday training, gear and equipment, food and veterinary costs and more. A minimum donation of $50USD is required to enter for your chance to name a puppy. You might choose to name a puppy in memory of a pet or loved one that has passed away. You might have always wanted a dog of your own but never had the opportunity. Maybe you have a favourite superhero or character that you think is fitting for the name. The Dogfather will be selecting the winning entry that will name the puppy. The competition is open for residents worldwide. Entries can be submitted from now until 11:59pm GMT-4, 30 November 2020 with a winner selected by 10 December 2020.

How to Enter

  1. Select a donation amount (minimum $50USD)
  2. Complete your details (if it is on behalf of a company, please fill this out)
  3. In comments, enter the puppy number you want the chance to name (eg: Puppy 1, Puppy 2, Puppy 3 or Puppy 4). Enter the name you want and why you chose this name.

Thank you for your donation and GOOD LUCK!

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